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  • Firewalls Automation
  • System Administration Automation
  • Database Automation
  • End-User support Automation
  • Tailored Automated Systems
  • Self-Service APIs
  • Service Publishing
  • Banking Back-Office Automation
  • Application Matrix Automation

Your very own

Automation Swiss Knife


ICAD (Infrastructure Computer Aided Design) is a programmable platform with integrated development environment that follows the same broad concepts of DevOPs and extends it to all departments and fields. It integrates, monitor and operate any tool or system in your environment regardless the vendor including in-house systems.

System Objective

ICAD aims to integrate with all the systems in the environment to create one centralized fabric of connected nodes for sharing information and taking educated decisions based on the collected data from the prospective of every system.


Decisions can vary from simple tasks like sending mails or recording logs to doing complex deployments, application publishing and handling security incidents.


ICAD is not just for Infrastructure operations but can also work on automating banking operations, cleansing data, government services and others.



◉ ICAD is composed of a collection of developed modules, each module represents a single action or trigger.


◉ An action takes information as input, performs a task, and provides information as output.


◉ A trigger, it takes a condition that controls the flow of the pipeline.


◉ A pipeline is a collection of actions and triggers to control the path of the automated script based on the information fed to the pipeline through the life span of the event. An event can be a log message from a device, email, API call, new customer in a queue, new deposit or even a phone call that the system can receive via SIP trunk.

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  • Integrates with most Firewall vendors like Fortinet and Cisco.
  • Build an API using user friendly blocks in matter of hours.
  • Performs actions on receiving emails, syslog messages and many other protocols.
  • Businesses can develop their own modules to perform tailored tasks or integrate with their own inhouse systems.
  • Provide multiple proxy authentication methods to allow incompatible systems to authenticate each other.
  • Data cleansing and Data operations are built in ICAD like mathematical operations, comparisons, data formatting, network operations e.g., Get gateway IP from given IP.
  • Supports approval and decision-making portals to stop the pipeline execution for manual decision making.
  • Perform scheduled tasks and scripts to run in future dates.
  • Supports Auto-detection and Auto-Healing which can be used in End user support automation.