About Akil

Based in Cairo, Egypt. Akil was founded in 2020 with the vision of increasing the efficiency of business workflows by integrating all enterprise systems whether its IT operations, HR or FinTech to act as one centralized system using our tool “ICAD” as the hub for collecting data and taking actions in sub seconds without any human intervention.


Akil provides tailored solutions for challenges, risks, problems, as well as services that aim to shapeshift the digital transformation and automation in the whole region.

Using an automation programmable platform with an integrated development environment (IDE) that follows the same broad concepts of DevOps, Akil took managing businesses, workflows, and operations to a whole new level.


Using ICAD, we were able to build multiple solutions that contribute to solving global problems for both startups and enterprises alike. Believing each business has its unique requirements, ICAD was built to be managed by technical and non-technical individuals to solve traditional and frequently changing problems and requests.


Akil also provides infrastructure managed service, consultation, multivendor integration, proxy authentication, covid-adaptation programs or virtual office services and API builders without writing any code.

Our Goals


Reducing Operational Costs

Automation eliminates routine work and handles customers simultaneously.


Increasing Productivity

Your business won’t bound by working hours, leaves, health problems or employees' skills. Automation will sustain your business 24/7.


Optimizing Performance

Using ICAD allows you to monitor operations output and set standards that fits your business requirements.


Increasing Reliability

With ICAD, consistency of performance is attained.