Proxy Authentication


Nowadays, all governments and private companies are trying to transform all their services to smart services via self-service portals or mobile applications, either for scalability, cutting the costs or providing reliable and sustainable services. To achieve that, integrating between systems is crucial, whether between government entities or service providers. One of the most common barriers to integrate between systems, is authentication specially if the two systems are using different types of authentications.


Akil solves the authentication problem by providing a middleware that integrates with both systems separately with their respective scheme to maintain the highest security measures without compromising either systems. Also, the middleware will allow integrating entities to add extra layer of security that can be tailored according to the business needs and requirements.

Akil proxy authentication middleware can also solve many other use cases like:


  • ◉ Adding authentication layers on services access without developing tailored solutions.


  • ◉ Providing easy, user friendly WiFi authentication schemes like logging in using social media accounts or using location or floor.

…and more