Covid Adaptation Program (CAP)


When the Covid-19 pandemic spread rapidly in early 2020, businesses across sectors had to respond quickly. Some began remote working while others had to continue operating with full or reduced staffing on site. Others had to close down operations all together.


Unprepared businesses suffered many challenges like connecting with their employees, their services security, end user support and many other challenges that Akil is prepared to provide user friendly and affordable solutions to handle these challenges.

Akil Covid program provides:



◉ The purpose of a business VPN is to provide end-to-end encryption for every device in your company's network, which means no snoops, hackers or even your internet service provider can see your location or data. This provides a private, secure connection to the internet no matter where you are.


◉ Also, VPN can provide access to internal services that is only accessible from within your own network


Self-Service Portal

◉ One of the main problems during Covid-19 is providing support for the company employees during working from home.


◉ Akil provides a self-service capability that supports the most common issues the employees are facing


◉ Companies can also tailor their own self-service portals to provide their own services


Remote Laptop Management

◉  Applying policy changes and monitoring laptops remotely can be challenging specially if VPN is not connected.